• Why Do You Go to the Dentist?

    So I Can Share My Smile

  • Why Do You Go to the Dentist?

    For the Perfect Wedding Day Smile

  • Why do you go to the dentist?

    So My Smile Lasts Forever


Free Visit

Free Under Three

Did you know baby teeth can get cavities too? Your babies first visit to the dentist should be as soon as their first teeth appear, usually between 6-12 months. Bring your child in before their third birthday and their first visit is completely FREE! Offer expires on May 31.

$30 Off

Wedding Whitening

Want a smile to match your dress? This wedding season, book your professional whitening at any of our three locations and get the entire whitening package for only $99 dollars! Offer expires on July 31.

Did You Know

Have you ever wondered whether soothers cause dental problems? What happens when you lose a tooth, or how to fix a hockey-damaged smile? We’re filling the ‘Did You Know’ section with all these answers and more! Click through the sections below to explore the latest topics, and send us your most head-scratching ‘Did You Know’ questions on Facebook.

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