Wondering About Whitening?
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Did you know that most professional whitening procedures use the same active ingredient as over the counter strips but at a stronger percentage, to produce faster, more long-lasting results? Over the years teeth naturally darken and accumulate stains as we age. Professional whitening removes this build-up and can also alter the color of the tooth itself, to give you an extra bright smile!

Though there are several options for professional whitening, at Brightside we use an at-home whitening system tailored to the needs of each patient.

It’s as simple as coming in for an appointment where we take impressions, and create customized “trays” that fit perfectly to your teeth. When your custom trays are ready we bring you back and show you how to place a small amount of gel into the trays, and then insert them into your mouth for about one to two hours every day for 10-14 days until the desired whiteness is achieved.

The procedure is pain-free and can be touched-up whenever you want. At Brightside, the initial whitening set-up is $120 dollars and once you run out of whitening gel, touch-ups kits are only $35 dollars each (cheaper than a single pack of crest white strips!).

One thing to note is that false teeth or parts of teeth (crowns, fillings, vaneers) will not change colour when you whiten. This may lead to a mismatched look. But for patients who are committed to a whiter smile, your dentist can replace any prominent fillings or vaneers with one that matches your new whiter teeth.

Mind the Gap: Solutions for Missing Teeth

Did you know that the average adult between the ages of 20 and 64 has three or more decayed or missing teeth? There are several reasons that patients may have one or more missing teeth. Bone loss, premature aging, inadequate nutrition, injury or problems with adjacent teeth can all lead to tooth loss, which can subsequently put adjacent teeth at risk of shifting or deteriorating.

Along with making chewing difficult missing teeth can be accompanied by pain and embarrassment so it can make a world of difference to have those teeth restored.

Bridges, dentures or implants all options for returning you to a full smile. Bridges are useful for replacing multiple teeth and are anchored to the adjacent teeth. Dental implants are a titanium root that is position beneath your gums that a false tooth is placed on top of. An implant encourages bone stability, deters bone loss, and preserves the adjacent teeth. Dentures provide an option if you’ve lost all or most of your teeth. Talking to your dentist to figure out which option is best for you!

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