It’s All Fun & Games Until Somebody Loses a Tooth

iStock_000016582876XSmallBeing a kid means rough and tumble fun. But in all that playing, lips can get bitten, and teeth can get chipped, broken, or even knocked out.

The first thing to know is that broken teeth can almost always be saved. If your child chips or breaks their tooth, gently clean any dirt and debris from the area and call the dentist right away.

If an adult tooth is knocked out your dentist may be able to put it back if you act quickly. If the tooth looks clean, put it back in its socket as soon as possible. Do not scrub it! If this is not possible or there is a chance the tooth might be swallowed, put it in a container of cold milk and go to the dentist right away. The sooner you can get there the better!


The Secret to Protecting Your Athlete’s Teeth: Sports Guards

golden mouthguardAccording to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation more than 3 million teeth are knocked out in youth sporting events every year! And athletes who do not wear mouth guards are 60 times more likely to damage their teeth and jaws.

An effective mouth guard can help prevent dental injuries and acts as a cushion to prevent broken jaws, neck injuries and concussions. Although there are several options for mouth guards available, a custom mouth guard made especially for you by your dentist offers optimum protection, comfort and fit.

At Brightside, we create custom mouth guards in your team’s colours for $150 dollars, but offer special promotions at the start of hockey season to help keep you and your team safe.

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